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Ryan Ashley delivers an intricately beautiful electro-R&B sound in "CHEST"

London-based R&B artist Ryan Ashley is back with a display of his limitless vocal range in latest cinematic electro R&B single, "CHEST."

Ashley brings something really beautiful here. I can't help but get that late 90s R&B vibes, the kind of sultry vocal delivery that's both velvety smooth and still explosive/overflowing with raw emotion. There's some serious complex production here making this almost an experimental electronic track but Ashley's soulful, cinematic style vocal delivery turns it into an electro R&B sound all it's own. The singer also does a masterful job at owning the various windows of silence as he takes advantage of these subtle moments of acapella to forge an intimate connection with the listener. I've had this track on repeat since it first came out, I'm sure you will too. 

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