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Ain't "Nobody Freakin'" unless Megan Vice says so [Premiere]

Don’t deny Megan Vice her glammed out disco-infused R&B pop or she’ll come back at you with a killer song—or maybe that’s what we want. “Nobody Freakin’” is the latest track from the New York native, and she’s bringing a whole bunch of female sass with those sticky sweet vocals and groovy intentions. Decked out with a fat bassline, glittery production, and the most addicting harmonies, the track holds up to Vice’s dominating and clever lyrics.

“Nobody Freakin’” is inspired by a terrible guy Megan Vice used to date, who on top of everything would belittle her art and music. He would tell her that pop music is worthless and has no impact on society. After finally coming to terms with how awesome she is and much he sucked, she realized she was more than “just a piece of ass.” Vice says,

Everybody has that one guy that really just breaks them down and makes them forget that they’re a fucking QUEEN. … So, I decided that until he started treating me how I deserve to be treated there would be no more cookies a.k.a AIN’T NOBODY FREAKIN’!

Needless to say she ditched the boy and it resulted in some awesome art. The video, directed by Vice and Matt Sparks, embodies everything “Nobody Freakin’” is all about. It captures the sass, the neon glow, the shimmer, and maybe a little extra scare as Vice brandishes that kitchen knife. Enjoy it below and be sure to follow along for more Megan Vice empowerment.

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