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Kojey Radical releases "If Only", a powerful song built on sadness

Kojey Radical is a name that you need to get to know. Not only is his raw passion and desire admirable, but the work rate & quality of his content is also very consistent.

Kojey's latest track, "If Only" see's him take a 808 heavy trap beat (created by KZ) and add his own little magic to it. With his rap crossed with spoken word approach and delivery, the Londoner passes through with aggression & precision combining them to deadly effect. "If Only" is his first track of a planned series of songs in 2018 all of which were written during a difficult time for the young wordsmith. "Despite how easy it is to keep up appearances I struggled with depression heavily last year" he admits, "I came out the other side more hungry and more passionate because the ability to create and express myself literally saved my life". Now with his desire & hunger more obvious than ever, he wants his music to help more people who might be feeling depressed or lonely. "This year I want to make the most empowering music about my sadness. I want people to not be afraid to feel. I want people to use my music as a safe place and feel energised. Some times being able to speak up can make all the difference."

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Rap · Spoken Word


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