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RATATAT's Mike Stroud and White Flight team up as KUNZITE to release new album 'Birds Don't Fly'

KUNZITE has debuted with a new album, and it's clear that futurisim is their game. The duo faces forward with alternative electro force, made up of Mike Stroud of famed electronic outfit RATATAT, and fellow producer Agustin White of White Flight takes on electronica in a way that we haven't seen since Justice's revival (or RATATAT's 2015 comeback Magnifique), 

While their pasts may be decorated, this pair has found some stride together as KUNZITE. BIRDS DON'T FLY is an extensive offering as their debut - 11 tracks of electronic bliss ranging from the sexy, retro 8-bit homage "Frog City," to the album's lead single "Vapors" and its indie pop audio and visual bliss. As an album, it encompasses consistency in its sound while still employing an impressive range from vocal pop to guitar-led tracks like "EARLY RISER."

BIRDS DON'T FLY is out now via KUNZITE's new home at Sol System Records, and is streaming with the help of Stem.

Connect with Kunzite: Official Site | Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram

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