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Ratatat breaks their five year silence with "Cream On Chrome" [Music Video]

Phew. It's been awhile since any of us have seen any original material from the electronic duo Ratatat. Their last album, LP4, was released all the way back in 2010 and ever since, they have backed themselves deep into the shadows for five long years. Speculation began to swirl around the music industry about their future. 'When' turned into 'if' for their mighty return to the spotlight. Ratatat doesn't need any introduction here. They pioneered the perfect equilibrium between tasty electronic beats mixed with live instrumentation from guitars, keyboards, and drums. And it was these groundbreaking sounds that propelled them in instant favorites among many in 2004 with their self-titled debut Ratatat. 

The duo surprised many this year, showing up at festivals as headlines such as Coachella. As a result, they dropped a single teaser called "Cream On Chrome" just before playing their Coachella set. In the immediate seconds from pressing play, you are hit with a tidal wave of classic Ratatat vibes. Mid tempo drumming, dynamic guitar looping, funky synths and effects, and a groovy bass to boot are all present in "Cream On Chrome", which gives any loyal Ratatat fan goosebump induced nostalgia. And with that, all of us are now on the edge impatiently waiting for impending LP5

Meanwhile, give their newest tune a listen in a simple yet intriguing music video below. 

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