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Annabel Allum dazzles in "Beat the Birds" Video [Exclusive]

Guildford, UK-based Annabel Allum has offered up the video to her raucous single "Beat the Birds," and we're excited to share it here exclusively today.

Allum released her EP All That For What last year, off of which songs like "Rich Background" and "Eat Greens" marked a departure from the more subdued, folk-influenced sound that was heard on prior releases. With "Beat the Birds," Allum has stepped fully into her punk shoes, and it's an understatement to say it looks like they fit really well. 

The video for "Beat the Birds" doesn't have a whole lot going on in it, but it doesn't need to. Allum's charisma blazes through the screen and hooks you in from the first moment. DIY Magazine has described her as "Courtney Barnett on a Kill Bill style vengeance mission", and I think that's the perfect description, except that it feels like Allum's magnetism is too unique to be compared. That Kill Bill energy definitely comes out in this song and video though, in line with what Allum was experiencing at the time she wrote it:

“I wrote 'Beat the Birds' during a heightened temerarious period of my life. Riding on moments and not consequences, feeling and not thinking. The story of youthful, reckless abandon, morning after morning after morning.” - Annabel Allum

The video was shot in Hove by Context Films, which was co-founded by Allum's drummer Emma Hiley and her friend Greg Ryall. Allum notes her enjoyment in collaborating on her videos, telling us, "[Emma] and Greg are great mates of mine and always make things look wicked. It's cool cos they get the vision without too much chat about it."  With this video they certainly translated the feel of the song perfectly. It features a split screen of Allum biking and hanging out around town, as she likes to do in her downtime. The camera's dynamic movement follows Allum's and places the viewer in that world of carefree, reckless abandon. With its sunlit pastels and grey undertones, the video marries the charm and grunge of the sea-side town, just like Allum does with her music. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Stay tuned for the upcoming EP on Killing Moon Records

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