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Lou Piensa + Mental Abstrato team up for a fly session on "Head Lost" [Video]

We got the best of many worlds on this new collaboration titled "Head Lost" between emcee/producer Lou Piensa and Sao paulo based Jazz group Mental Abstrato. Lou Piensa , for those who may not know is a multi lingual emcee who is part of the 8 man collective known as Nomadic Massive and also one half of the production duo Loop Pilots (with Dr Mad ). We can spend the entire time talking about his international accolades, his ability to rap in 4 languages (French, English, Portuguese and Spanish) and his work as an educator but that would be too much so best we get right back to the music.
"Head Lost" brings Lou back in rare form, shining bright in his element over a lush jazz soundscape provided by the Mental Abstrato band. The live session is a brilliant showcase of pure profound lyricism and smooth indelible instrumentation. Subject matter wise, he touches on fatherhood and growth with lines like "...I work with confidence not vanity Son of my mother, father of my daughter She belongs to the world, word, let me work harder My thoughts spin, I'm always flying in the whirlwind when I capture a smile,...".   The visuals is as organic as can be, obviously since it's a live session so no need for unnecessary gimmicks. We reckon this is the first of many collaborations between the acts so hopefully we get to hear more before the year runs out.
 Connect with  Lou Piensa : Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with  Mental Abstrato : Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Jazz · Rap


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