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Modern Machines gives Krewella and Yellow Claw's "New World" a new mix

About 4 months ago, Krewella and Yellow Claw dropped collaboration featuring a rap verse supplied by talented Chicago native, Taylor Bennett. The last few years, Krewlla has experimented heavily with their sound, but they returned to their bass heavy electronic roots with their New World Pt. 1 album released late last year. Curiously, the album did not include "New World (Feat. Taylor Bennett)," which came 4 months later.

Without altering the drip drop trap DNA of the original, Modern Machines distills and declutters the track in his remix, allowing Krewella's vocals and Taylor Bennet's rap to take precedence over the well worn trap samples of the original. A pleasant side effect is that the bass is also more prominent and kicks a little harder coming out of the speakers. Modern Machines' extensive background as an instrumentalist shines here as his rework imparts a more musical feel to the synthetic sounds of the original.

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