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WONK takes us on a soothing "Midnight Cruise" [Video]

We got something soothing from WONK, an experimental Soul Band from Tokyo, Japan. We stumbled on their record "Midnight Cruise" and it's nothing short of amazing. The song is jazzy, soulful, funky, soothing and dreamy in many ways than we could count. The listener gets pulled in with the alluring vocals courtesy of Kento Nagatsuka as he layers multiple harmonies over the lush keys and pulsating bass line.

Teaming up with director Maxilla, who helps take the dreamy musical soundscape of the band to another plateau with the aesthetically pleasing visual. He puts the band into an organic landscape enhancing reinforcing the soothing nature of the song itself. WONK is made up of vocalist Kento Nagatsuka, bassist Kan Inoue,  keyboardist Ayatake Ezaki and drummer Hikaru Arata. Their fusion of Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop is definitely something worth checking out.

Connect with  WONK : Soundcloud | Facebook |Website | Twitter | Instagram



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