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Türküm drops sinister heavy trap on "Nomad" [Premiere]

Türkum may only be 21, but he is already showcasing a diverse set of skills through the different genres he experiments with. In his latest track "Nomad," the Turkey native producer prides himself on the use of piano skills and dark synths that capture the ears of the listener. But you can also hear the dominance of the bass line and brass sounds throughout. The song's roots are entangled with Middle Eastern notes and dark and sinister synths, mixing in everything Türkum is about but keeping it electronic. Holding true to it's name, "Nomad" encapsulates the roots and influence of the artist's native sounds while mixing in the electronic influence he's grown into. 

Released through his own label Divine Mercythe producer has commented that the song was built from the idea that he started to feel like he wasn't wanted in the music industry after getting into heated arguments with labels and other industry folks. Having ghost written for producers who went on to be successful, Türkum decided to finally release music under his own handle. 

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