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Sofia Hardig muses on loneliness in ethereal new single "ILLUMINATE" [Premiere]

Ernest Hemingway said once that "writing, at it's best, is a lonely life...[the writer] does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day." Her latest single "ILLUMINATE", where the incomparable Scandinavian Sofia Härdig explores this theme of loneliness, is streaming exclusively on EARMILK.

Speaking further on the track, Härdig says: 

I worked with the song ILLUMINATE alone in my studio for many long, lonesome nights. It was just the studio, the stars and I, while I played all the instruments, made the soundscape and recorded the single in solitude. Later, I invited over some friends to improvise over the track. Guitarist John Essing and bass player Mats Hellquist, both from the band ‘bob hund’, but also a classical pianist and cellist respectively, added parts to the soundscape of ILLUMINATE. I brought all the new recordings back into the studio - tore them apart, rebuilt them and made arrangements, as if I was a mad scientist in my lab. I then brought in Jari Haapalainen to produce the songs. The solitary fashion in which ILLUMINATE was crafted reflects the mood of the single. 

The lyrics and vocals contain a marvelous urgency which sits in stark contrast to the lush, spacious soundscape of the electronics. ILLUMINATE is an 80's dream pop anthem with the bones of an experimental poem.

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