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Chill out with Newcastle producer JVLY's extra smooth debut EP 'Ache'

Briefly described as a 20-minute transformative experience,  up-and-coming Newcastle producer JVLY has debuted his first EP 'Ache', out now. The EP follows on the heels of two leading singles and is now rounded out with tracks three, four, and five. The 5-track EP is a sweet sonic odyssey, that explores everything from beat making to jazz instrumentals. 

When approaching the project JVLY not only visualized what the EP would sound like but also what it would look like. He shares, "I made all of these songs with the thought of a visual in mind. If you’ve got a good idea of what a song might look like if it was translated to a screen, then it kind of becomes easier to steer it where you’re trying to go." This process makes for a more integrative body of work that works both visibly and sonically. 

 Kicking off the EP with lead single and the title track "Ache",  JVLY starts things off in an instrumental form, he slowly moves into "Stone" which is a vocal track featuring the luscious of SARAI, heavy on the synths, "Stone" sweeps across your eardrums in a soothing fashion. SARAI also lays her vocals down on "Drowning" and the closing single "Void", leaving a warmth and familiarity to the entire EP. The other vocal feature on the EP comes from Chester Watson which is a psych-electronica track, which features a verse by Watson that sounds like poetic slam. 

‘Ache’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.
Connect with JVLY: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter



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