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Harris Mac sheds light on the "Shallow" characters [Premiere]

Singer/songwriter Harris Mac newest record "Shallow" is an offbeat piece of art that takes inspiration from r&b, funk, pop and electro genres. Over a pluck synth and booming bass line, the singer dwells on having to deal with fake friends and social media pretenders alike.  Utilizing an upbeat, plucky backdrop to paint his thoughts, Harris proceeds to take the listener through a myriad of emotions from the moment they hit the play button. The dynamics present in the song goes from mellow to mid-tempo with sudden breaks in between them. The twist and turns are what really makes this track very different from most. 

The 25-year-old Brooklyn resident now runs a production business out of his own studio where he writes, records, engineers, and produces all his own work. Drawing on diverse influences such as the Beatles, Kanye West, and Radiohead, he seeks to fuse together a multitude of styles and genres, blurring the lines. Harris’s vision for art is to create objects of beauty that disrupt the everyday routines and conventions we all abide by. “I like to think at least that my music shows my very very deep connection to music and art. I want to live the music and embody it in all aspects of my life.”

Connect with Harris Mac: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Electro Hop · Future Funk


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