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ADaD & Tensei recruit Denmark Vessey on "Love it "

The duo of ADaD & Tensei first caught our attention with their dense EP titled "Danger US" but now they are back with another gem. "Love It" is a bonus track off the aforementioned project and features mc/producer Denmark Vessey who joins the rest of the crew for a solid effort. The song is about loving your art and using art to live, while loving life. We do agree that every indie act can relate to this wholeheartedly. He raps "...I don't claim to understand it nor pretend to, if you can feel it on your left side, it's a bullet named freedom bust your heart out the cage..."

The duo kick their thoughts over a gritty soundscape and sum up what's at the heart of every serious indie artist. 

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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