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Get comfy this weekend with Snugs' jaunty future pop jam "Flooded"

With their cuddly blue fluff-ball of a character leading the way, the mysterious artist project Snugs came out of the 'blue' (yeah, I said it) with their debut single "Radio Silence (feat. HAILZ)" in November 2017. Flaunting a playful, kinetic blend of electronic and pop, Snugs has again arrived on Proximity to uncork their sophomore effort. Emulsifying the same buoyant sonic formula, "Flooded" is a bouncy future pop jam featuring Los Angeles crooner Axel Mansoor, whose velvety vocals elevate the single to anthem status. It's got that cheery, jocund feel, with the subtle-yet-clever nuances of Snugs' production apparent throughout, like the meticulously crafted arpeggios laced between the drop's bubbly synth work. The Snugs has project is looking more and more like a mainstay in the crossover scene, so get familiar at the links below and stay on the lookout for more music in the near future.

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