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Indulge in this remix of Above & Beyond's "We're All We Need" by Vanic

A couple months ago I wrote about Vanic's take on "Wonderwall," featuring vocals by pop starlet Zella Day. He smashed that remix as usual, and now we're back again with another amazing flip of a classic. Above and Beyond hold a dear place in my heart on the music spectrum. If you've been to ABGT you can understand why. The Vancouver-based producer has surprised us again, reworking "We're All We Need" in a unexpectedly new light. 

When I got to preview the track, I felt goosebumps from the new melody. Soothing and vibrant, it features the heart-wrenching vocals supported by guitar chords underlaid with an uplifting melody. The producer keeps the vocals intact while retaining the dark and gloomy vibe, and electrifying future bass drop comes in to create the distinct Vanic sound. It wouldn't be far-fetched to title him the king of melodic trap. 

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Electronic · Future Bass


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