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Opvs plays into the fun of “You” by LINES [Premiere]

I'm proud to present this premiere for Opvs, a young production duo hailing from New York. Typical NYU students pursuing a side passion in music might be questioning whether they're making the right moves, but the two scholars that comprise Opvs are clearly doing something right. Today they debut a dazzling remix for Stockholm band LINES. Opvs puts their spin on "You," an energetic, intense pop track with a little bit of edge and darkness added to the mix. LINES is already receiving massive streaming success for the original, and this reimagination by Opvs is one worth a listen. 

The core vocals remain intact on the remix, yet subtle details have been added throughout the track giving it a minimalistic lift. The introduction begins with rainfall sounds and a Xylophone, adding a natural elevated tempo leading into the chorus. As the track progresses, a soft and upbeat bass is added to spice up the track and give it that pop feel.  Their interpretation of “You” is more lighthearted than the original, giving it more of a playful feel though elements like the change in its drop.

Connect with OpvsFacebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with LINES: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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