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Dead Hippie stays chilling in the cut with "Windows Rolled"

Dead hippie first graced our pages with his gritty brand of hiphop a while back when he dropped the video for his song "What's the word". The young emcee is back for the new year with a new single titled "Windows Rolled". The self produced song has a dark, down tempo that reminiscent of early Mobb Deep soundscapes but that's where the comparison stops. The first half of the song dwells on being a menace before going to "church" and when you do go , the recurring thoughts of doing wrong keeps haunting you while in church. "Church" in this case does not necessarily mean religion or the physical building but just a safe place i.e. with family, friends, loved ones. It's basically a tug of war between good and evil in your conscience. The second half of the song is about being exposed to guns, drugs, and crime at a young age and a mother trying to raise her child right and keep him from those things and that life style.

Dead Hippie once again showcases his knack for crafting vivid tales with the pen, his outlook is gloomy and somewhat grim but these are stories that need to be told.

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