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PARKWILD declares that it's "Too Late" to go back

Songwriting and production duo PARKWILD deliver their latest single "Too Late" with heartfelt vocal work and a hard-hitting alt-rock melody.

The duo made up of songwriter/producer Austin Zudeck and producer/multi-instrumentalist Justin Thunstrom craft a fusion of catchy electro-pop melodies with an alt-rock sound. The upbeat song explores the complexities of an identity crisis fuelled by the parallels between losing one's sense of self while simultaneously struggling to find perspective in a world of accelerating change. The song blurs the past and the present with a very nostalgia-inducing, joyous and reflective theme.  

The NYC based PARKWILD actually went through a handful of name and lineup changes before becoming a duo and this single marks their official entry into the music industry as artists. As producers, they have worked with Island Records artist Connell Cruise, Japanese EMA winning artist MIYAVI and others.

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