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Get familiar with Dead Hippie's trippy new video for "Whats The Word"

Buzzing rapper/producer Dead Hippie caught our ears and eyes with his offbeat brand of hard-hitting hip-hop. His latest release is the song "Whats the word" with its accompanying visuals.  The song itself gives off that early OFWGKTA vibes but verbally Dead Hippie is more of a weird mix of Tyler and Earl. He is unpredictable and doesn't follow a strict pattern or rules therein. It has an unapologetic rhyme scheme that refuses to fall in line but makes it a style uniquely his own, not to mention his flow is smooth AF. 

The visuals are a blend of the abstract, psychedelic kind. Shot partly on location and partly on green screen. The result is a somewhat trippy, off-kilter video that gives off some type of jaded mental feeling. Here is a link Stream the audio HERE . He also just dropped a new album which can be streamed on Bandcamp HERE 

Connect with Dead Hippie: SoundcloudTwitter | Website | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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