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The Whistle and The Bells delivers a poetic "Ode to Yeezus" [Premiere]

We all have a soft spot for Kanye. It's almost 2018 and I think it is alright to admit it. Bryan Simpson, the acclaimed songwriter behind The Whistles and The Bells, has tapped into his feelings for the iconic superstar on his new single, "Ode To Yeezus". The song is a somber tune that blurs the line between songwriter and mad-man producer while providing an intimate look at how a fan and fellow musician works out what the parallels of Kanye means to him in an introspective romantic way. 

Simpson takes a very real moment in Kanye Wests life to create a sonic reflection on the current state of this social media/often shallow world we're living in. It's dark but beautifully poetic, as he sings, "It's a world of memes...and we make humanity the butt of a joke...Tonight I'm praying for Yeezus..to free the hip-hop legend from the demons." It's an evocative look at how too often we forget that artists, like Kanye, are real people with human struggles and that their personal battles aren't just catchy headlines to them. 
The musician also delivers a b-side to the single by way of his version of the Kanye West classic "Ultra Light Beam", which is a joy to listen to and a fresh take on a song we all know and love. Be sure to turn the lights down, put these songs on and sip a glass of red wine because that is the best way to enjoy this beautiful, strange magic. 
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