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MenEnd taps Shell Puppy in the search of a "Peace of Mind"

Producer/song writer MenEnd teams up with singer Shell Puppy to deliver this solid piece of art titled "Peace Of Mind". The producer goes for a more reflective, minimalistic backdrop which lets Shell Puppy's angelic vocals shine through with such fervor.  The emotional laden track truly reflects its title as the soothing keys and sparse instrumentation aims to draw the listener in. The interesting part is a switch up in the middle of the track, from the more minimalistic first half into a more r&b/ sultry section to end things.

Born and raised in Madrid (Spain) until he was 18 years old, MenEnd (Javier Toledo, 1996) moved to Santa Cruz, CA  and ushered himself into the music industry with his  first official EP  'Soulpox' in October 2016. Fast forward to 2017, MenEnd’s debut full album 'Slivers of Love' is out now on all platforms and is the definitive proof of the artist’s versatility and skills; fully written, produced, recorded and mixed by MenEnd himself.

Connect with  MenEnd : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · R&B


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