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Dennis Cruz and his filthy tech-house EP titled "Rock & Roll"

Inevitably finishing the year off strong, Dennis Cruz has delivered a mind-boggling EP that could easily contain the track that'll bring in the New Year from dj's around the globe. The tech-house EP, titled "Rock & Roll," is an absolute beast. Brutally chunky basslines, throbbing kick drums, perfectly curated vocals, crafty synths, and those eclectic late-night feels that demands you to dance. Listen below. 

Released on Solid Grooves Records, this EP, and particularly the track "Rock & Roll," has gained attention from fellow dj's such as Claptone, who released a video of the track played live in Instanbul, Turkey over the weekend placed below. The track captures the raw dancefloor energy that both the artist and the crowd are forever yearning for in a live music experience. Keep your eye on Dennis Cruz come 2018, there is assured magic on the musical horizon. 


Connect with Dennis Cruz: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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