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WE ARE FURY's "Don't Forget" is a powerful bass filled ballad

Based out of Vancouver, electronic production duo WE ARE FURY have constantly been executing a careful concoction of powerful bass sounds loaded with emotion. Throughout the last year, it's evident the group have been through some sonic maturation, as they gradually defined a distinct sound of their own. With several remixes and a solid EP now under their belt, this evolved new sound they've developed fuses loud banger elements with often sensitive vocals and themes. Here, Stuart and Joachim have collaborated with singer Mariah Delage, in their latest single "Don't Forget". 

The track begins with solemn lyrics from Delage, setting the tone for an emotional whirlwind of a track. The dainty piano keys eventually build up to a drop we know won't disappoint. Throwing in an intensity WE ARE FURY fans are all too familiar with, the fluttering drop embraces an enigmatic sincerity. All in all, "Don't Forget" pieces together well-rounded electronic track, tickling emotional chords whilst still fulfilling the rigorous bass I'm a sucker for. With powerful tracks such as "Don't Forget" making an indelible mark, it's exciting to see what the new year will bring for the WE ARE FURY boys. 

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