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Moglebaum craft an organically layered electronic paradise on "Phone"

Organic electronic is five-piece electronic act Moglebaum's tag of choice, and the characterization is dead on. The third single off the Düsseldorf band's forthcoming record Grown Heart, "Phone,"  is a jazzy, saxophone-filled jungle of layered electronic textures and captivating beats. The journey begins with an erratic crescendo of riffing horns and vocal cuts, gradually joined by layer by layer of soothing auditory delights, all masterfully woven into an heart-stirring auditory experience you can't help but groove to. Franziska Geiß's buttery vocals aren't overpowered by the encapsulating synths and emphatic drums. Upon each listen you'll probably catch a different sample or element you missed the previous time. Moglebaum proves their prowess to make music that is forever adapting, and endlessly enjoyable. 

Moglebaum consists of  Geißof, along with Simon Ebener-Holscher on production and synthesizer, Alessandro Fama on co-production and samples, Jonas Geyersberger on saxophone and loopstation, and Michael Kemkes on drums. "Phone" is available now via About To Shine.

Connect with Moglebaum: Faebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter



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