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Jaleel's "Sorry" is the ultimate heartfelt apology laid on wax

Someone once said the hardest thing anyone can do is to truly, honestly express themselves without being egocentric. It sure sounds easy to most but this individual who goes by the name Jaleel delivers a prime example in the form of his song "Sorry".  The Dallas, TX raised, Wigan U.K based artist delivers a reflective piece that is nothing short of brilliant. Built on a minimalistic backdrop of guitar plucks, sombre synths and a simple groove, Jaleel bears his soul and details his faults with such honesty you would be faulted for not forgiving him for his transgressions.

Jaleel's mixed heritage is something that really had a profound influence on his musical taste as a kid.  Growing up in a household that bursted with his mother's late 60's northern soul collection, juxtaposed by the classical and popular sounds of Persian music emanating from his Iranian father's record player, Jaleel soaked in all the richness of the diversity afforded him at quite a young age. "Sorry" is one of his newest self-produced singles with yet untitled larger body of work in the pipeline.

Connect with  Jaleel : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Minimal · R&B


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