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KUURO drop a dirty bass in "Doji"

With over a decade of combined production and engineering experience, Jordin Post and Luke Shipstad usher in a new project and sound for 2017: their bass music alias, KUURO. Jordin, originally from Amsterdam, found his way to meeting Luke from Seattle, and the two put their talents together - catching the eye of Monstercat, who signed their latest releases. 

KUURO share their latest release, "Doji," which features their signature sinister vibes. It's a track with intricate sound design that will have bassheads showing appreciation in the form of headbanging wherever they are listening on. You can hear the influence of asian culture throughout the track, supported by a nasty dark bass synth. 

KUURO made a brief comment about their thoughts on the track:

“'Doji' is a chill banger, but it’s tunes like this that can evoke a ton of emotion. The unusual swing we built the track around makes you wanna vibe back and forth,” said Jordin Post. “'Doji' went from being an artistic track to one of our personal favorites to date once we pushed the sound design of the track further. We’re super stoked on this one and hope you are too!” added Luke Shipstad.

The future is bright for these two rapidly growing artists - expect to see them playing festivals in 2018.

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