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Ardency releases first single "Bloom" from their upcoming EP

Ardency, one of my faves, released the first single, "Bloom" from their upcoming EP late last week and it's got this dissonant, uneasy vibe that you can't not notice, regardless of whether you like the single or not.

Buzzy synths make up this anxious soundscape, and the song radiates with a foreboding energy, though to call it "dark" would seem kind of tacky. Or maybe I'm totally misinterpreting; one could also probably say "Bloom" is enigmatic and progressive. 

The lyrics are what perplex me. They're kinda emo, but also I truly have no idea how to interpret them. Sounds like a doomed relationship. Or maybe an unhealthy relationship. I've never had a penchant for understanding lyrics, but regardless, the words that are pieced together in "Bloom" are a fitting companion to the production. 


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80's · Indie


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