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Introducing your new obsession: "Not About You" by Haiku Hands

In need of something to lift your spirits on this bummer of a Monday? Fear not, friend, for EARMILK has just what you need! All the way from the land down under, get a load of Haiku Hands and their infectious, bouncy, energetic track, “Not About You.”

Made up of Claire Nakazawa and Beatrice Lewis but featuring constant collaboration from the likes of Mie Nakazawa, Joel Ma, and Angus Stuart, Haiku Hands is pure blissful, radical energy. Right from the jump, “Not About You” will have you banging your head and dancing. The beat has more bounce than an avalanche of basketballs, and the lyrics are fun as hell.

During a writing session in Melbourne, Joel asked Claire and Beatrice, “if you were on a main stage at the peak slot of a festival what would you want to say to the crowd.” To which Claire and Beatrice responded respectively, “Shhhhhhh” and “You’re so privileged and lucky, stop worrying and being so self- absorbed!” which is how the song’s chorus came together. After one watch of the video, it’s hard to imagine a more genuine interpretation of that idea. The entire video is fun and fearless that bursts with life. Whether the girls are dancing solo or marching in unison on an oceanside cliff, you can feel the joy from this side of the screen.

Press play on “Not About You” above and be sure to keep it locked on EARMILK for all your dope music wants and needs.

Connect with Haiku Hands: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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