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Petit Biscuit unveils stunningly visceral music video for "Waterfall"

In case you've been living under a rock, French production wunderkind Petit Biscuit recently dropped his full-length album Presence. It's one of the more aesthetically beautiful records I've heard in 2017, and one that will undoubtedly thrust him into a mainstream spotlight.

Just as awe-inspiring as Petit Biscuit's sound design are his visuals. They have dark, shadowy undertones that are more dreamy than brooding, and they are as forward-thinking as any in the game. Visceral in every sense of the word, his new video for the Presence cut "Waterfall" is out now, and it is signature PB. The distinctively feathery vocals of Panama work wonders here. In a nutshell, the video's fluidity and artistic vision are ineffable, so I'm going to stop rhapsodizing and let you watch below.

Petit Biscuit is also currently entrenched in an international tour that extends well into spring 2018, which you can purchase tickets to via his website.

Connect with Petit Biscuit: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram



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