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Underground UK producer Shurk is "Restless" [Premiere]

Today on EARMILK we get the pleasure to premiere the release of 20 year old producer Shurk's song "Restless". Shurk is an underground dance phenom from the United Kingdom who began piquing the interest of electronic music enthusiasts with his two EP's A Darker World and The Wanderer both of which infuse this young producer's dark, desolate, and debilitatingly hypnotic style.

With "Restless" Shurk has captured lightning in a bottle here with a vibe that is the amalgamation of both the proto-futuristic rave scene from the Matrix: Reloaded and an underground warehouse rave where you never want the party the end. On this track get a glimpse into the far reaches of a producer's mind who has clearly been taken hold of by a mysterious force of reckoning who is destined to bring his unique, sinister sound to the world. 

"Restless" is a tribal dance banger that begins ominously with hand plucked strings opening into driving and pulsating hand drums taking you on a trance-inducing journey. The bounce and groove of Shurk's "Restless" is evident as the beat builds with proper synth hits and filter sweeps until you are granted a release that takes you back to your indigenous roots as the hard hitting primal percussion beats away into your brain. This track is a ride that grinds and pulsates its way through your ears and grabs hold of your brain surely making you "Restless." 

Be sure to show some love to the man behind the mask: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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