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BEFFROI team up with DVTCH NORRIS for the profound '95-96' [VIDEO]

After releasing the single "Jade" a while ago, the duo of BEFFROI is back with another gripping song titled "95-96".  Working with a brooding backdrop, Rori and Valentin deliver their dark emotional driven style of electropop to our attention. Valentin explains the song as the tale of being a twenty-something individual in 2017. Torn between teen and adult life not knowing where the hell you belong in this world. It’s about the challenges our generation faces today. They also bring onboard DVTCH NORRIS who comes through with his own perspective on the topic with lines like "...Why be me? You don't wanna be like/Can't walk in my shoes without a crutch/ I took a pair to right my wrongs but what is right and what is wrong?..."

For the video, Beffroi teamed up with director Romain Choay and went to town with vivid images that display the very essence of the songs underlying meanings through the plot lines of three individuals.

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