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Listen to Kyle Rapps' 'Perverse Ramblings' at your own risk

Eccentric emcee Kyle Rapps just dropped his highly anticipated Perverse Ramblings album and the title could not be more apt. The Mexico-based artist, originally from New York, packs plenty of lewd bars into this 14-song sexy time soundtrack but the project also manages to explore the myriad emotions -- good and bad -- associated with one-night stands and fractured relationships.

Four singles help anchor what's collectively a strong, cohesive effort from Mr. Rapps. "Eulogy," in particular, showcases his lyrical prowess, quirky steez and bangin' alternative hip hop production. (Kyle produced Perverse Ramblings all by his lonesome.) "Latrell" is another favorite, Kyle using Latrell Sprewell's infamous choking incident as fuel for more off-color bedroom bars.

Overall, Kyle does a solid job of balancing levity with sprinkles of pain and reclusiveness on Perverse Ramblings. Perhaps the best example of this is his candid retelling of his first sexual encounter that was spoiled by his overactive bladder ("Dust"), only to briefly mention his mom passing from cancer just a few tracks later ("Touch"). Kyle's unique blend of playfulness, debauchery and real-life hurt is truly a sound to behold.

After jamming to Perverse Ramblings, definitely lend your ears to more of Kyle Rapps' catalog -- including "Bunker," his last joint to grace the Milkysphere.

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