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Carly And The Universe wants us to "Listen"

The five man band known as Carly and the universe are back with a new visual release simply titled "Listen". The band made up of lead singer Carly Liza, guitarist Mike Post, bassist Freddy Hernandez, drummer Cameron Clark and keyboardist Artur Zakiyan have been delivering their unique, somewhat offbeat brand of soul infused pop songs for a minute now. Their first release was the 11 track  'The Whole Shebang' LP which ushered in the band's signature blend of a myriad of genres with a touch of that vintage sound.

Their new release "Listen" which is the 3rd single off the band's upcoming sophomore album 'A Greater Thing' is a catchy pop number that is also super groovy. In the video we get sucked into the smooth, lush song with an entertaining premise.  The song which dwells on taking responsibility in a relationship has a quite different visual representation. Carly's voice seems to be travelling from one band member to the other and we the viewers are left wondering as to what exactly is going on. It's pretty simple and fun to watch.

The new album is due out March 30th, 2018.

Connect with  Carly And The Universe : Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

Indie Pop · Soul


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