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A.Graff tackles patriarchy on "Chromosome 23"

A.Graff is a 23 year old singer/songwriter living in Boston and making music marked by vulnerable, honest, pointed lyrics. His knack for blending textured guitars into the mix is something that gives his music that extra flavour. On his latest tune titled "Chromosome-23" (produced by Connor Schultze), he dives into the patriarchy structure head first, questioning the need for men to follow certain rules and patterns.  In a nutshell the track is self-doubt and then recognition that these feelings of insecurity come from a larger system of oppression and that we can somehow combat them. 

It's not everyday you find men actually crafting songs around patriarchy, toxic masculinity so A.Graff's voice in this arena is definitely something worth listening to. His debut LP 'Kora & Her Mother' in September is also something you should check out. A conceptual story album that deals heavily  about love, loss, letting go, self-worth, mental health, masculinity, martyrdom and forgiveness. 

Connect with  A.Graff : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Acoustic · Alternative · Future Funk


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