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Meet Kyle Rapps, the grumpy old man living in a "Bunker"

"Grumpy perverted old man rap."

That is precisely how Kyle Rapps describes "Bunker," a scalding stew of controversial government coverups laced over 16-bit production from NYC's Dollar Bin. Rapps absolutely nails the aforesaid 'grumpy old man' persona as well, cropdusting the track like an elderly subway patron with zero F's to give. He also spews enough conspiracy theories on "Bunker" to make Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts extremely proud -- perhaps they can squeeze Kyle onto the soundtrack for the 20th Anniversary Edition? Hmmm.

Obscure 90's flicks aside, "Bunker" is quite the experience. Rapps -- who recently moved to Mexico City from Harlem -- named the track after his real-life bunker, an apartment where he flips through conspiracy novels and watches copious amounts of porn. (This is all from the horse's mouth, by the way.) His delivery on this one is akin to Aesop Rock; a sort of hungover, just-rolled-out-of-bed steez that is proletariat and relatable. And, with privacy being a hot issue, Rapps' middle finger manifesto to gov't censorship is surely the Rocky song for Edward Snowden groupies.

Be sure to check out "Bunker" below and get your glass-is-half-empty on. Also, peep out Kyle Rapps' Collossus Theory project and his respective collaborations with Action Bronson and Talib Kweli

That's right, this grumpy old man's got pedigree, too.

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