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Hi-Lo Jack return with their bright and playful second single, "Wasted Time"

Another week, another stellar drop from our pals, Hi-Lo Jack. This time around, the totally tremendous trio of Clyde, Cody and Dolapo craft a song that is a sweet as “Sunday Candy” but with a heaping helping of their New York flavor. Press play on “Wasted Time” above.

As the title suggests, “Wasted Time” is a song about, well, wasting time. Instead of focusing on the negative, however, the track surrounds the positive and how mistakes made are just lessons learned. “You say that it is wasted time, You’ll learn it's no concern of mine, Cause I would never change a line, It’s alright,” Clyde sings on the chorus. Like their previous release, “So It Goes,” DAP handles the verses while Cody and Clyde help with the bridge and chorus. Package all of the above and spin it on top of a wonderfully melodic and playful piano-laden beat, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

Hi-Lo Jack is set to debut their EP, Old New Clothes on November 17th, and if their first two singles are any indication, it is sure to be a fantastic project.

Connect with Hi-Lo Jack: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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