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Adrian Stresow is trying to "Find a Way"

Adrian Stresow is fresh off of a number 15 album on iTunes with his The Kid in His Room project, but is back with a new single today. "Find A Way" is a catchy rap track that contains trap and pop/alternative rap elements. This track is an ode to how far he's come, and the work he needs to put in to keep growing. The instrumental is filled with a hard bassline while the catchy hook sees the Dallas native utilize a subtle autotune while he details his relentless work ethic. On each of the two verses, he raps with an effortless, slightly uptempo flow while he tells about his journey thus far as a young, underrated recording artist. Adrian Stresow is only 19, but is doing everything right to further his young career along. His consistent release pattern and evident dedication to his unique sound should propel his career forward in the coming years. 

Connect with Adrian Stresow: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 



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