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Introducing: Hi-Lo Jack and their catchy and uplifting single "So It Goes"

This right here is what music is all about; dope collaborations. As individuals, Dolapo Akinkugbe (DAP The Contract), Cody Fitzgerald (Stolen Jars), and Clyde Lawrence (Lawrence) are all talented artist with unique backgrounds. Dolapo is a fantastic rapper/producer, Clyde weaves dreams with his soul-pop band, and Stolen Jars makes waves with his indie-rock group. Together, however, the three make Hi-Lo Jack, an unexpected and incredibly rad group that takes the best of each artist and blends it for a fresh and invigorating sound. Today, Hi-Lo Jack has released the first single off of their upcoming EP, “So It Goes.”

“So It Goes” is a feel-good record that will put a smile on your face and pep in your step. It’s the perfect track to keep you warm as we battle through the brutal Winter months ahead. Written by Clyde, Cody, and Dolapo, and recorded in “ various bedrooms in the Northeastern US,” “So It Goes” is what the future of music sounds like. These young artists are giving genre boundaries the metaphorical middle finger and making music that they think is dope, and they’re doing a great job.

"So It Goes" is more than good vibes, though. It's a song about making moves. As the three artists are all on the young side (this coming from the perspective of someone at the ancient age of 27), they're approaching the point in life where it's time to decide their future. That time where you have to pack up, make moves and see where the world takes you. And if "So It Goes" is what starting off on that path sounds like, all three of these guys are heading towards a bright future.

This may be the first you’ve heard of Hi-Lo Jack, but it won’t be the last time they blast through your headphones. The band has spent months working on their EP, Old New Clothes, which is due to hit digital shelves on November 17th. Until then, blast “So It Goes” on repeat and be sure to keep it locked on EARMILK for all things Hi-Lo Jack and all things groovy music.

Connect with Hi-Lo Jack: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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