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Galavant and Dave Winnel “Hold On” to summer vibes on new collab

Swedish dance sensation Galavant have recruited Dave Winnel for their latest track “Hold On" on Armada Trice. The new radio-friendly collaboration is flowing, with summery vibes - just the thing for warding off any type of cold weather blues that might try to creep onto dance floors in the Northern Hemisphere.

If “Hold On” sounds familiar, it might be due to the fact that Galavant (consisting of Victor Sjostrom and Sebastian Atas) have already done a LOT since the duo started producing music together in 2012. The new cut follows about a dozen other releases from 2017 alone, including their sweet techno EP Purple.

At first one might wonder who this Winnel character is, only to quickly realize they’ve been following him on every social media channel ever for awhile (full disclosure: that might just be me). The Australian's vlogs are the perfect brand of silly. He collaborated with Armin Van Buuren on one of summer 2016’s anthems, “The Race,” and has maintained a healthy dose of Spotify fame ever since. Between the various credits already under his belt and his charming Instagram presence, chances are we’ll be hearing from Winnel again.

Connect with Galavant: Facebook  | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with Dave Winnel: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter



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