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Burn your ex-lover's photos to JT Roach's "Wasted Roses" (prod. by Stephen)

"I wasted roses on you, that should be in the dirt."

I think we can all identify with the sentiment of wasting precious time on someone who didn't deserve our energy. I was grinding against the recent deplorable actions of a certain industry fuckboy (oh, I thought you read all my work? I hope you see this you piece of human trash), when I stumbled upon a tune of absolute perfect sentiment. JT Roach's "Wasted Roses" is angsty electronic-pop perfection. The singer-songwriter's gentle silken voice contrasts pointedly with the biting sentiment of the lyrics, and the collision is powerful. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin and now a resident of LA, JT Roach has an impressive resume of songwriting credits for the likes of Jason Derulo, Krewella, and Jake Miller. "Wasted Roses" allows the artist to truly shine with this foray into the spotlight, with seamless production courtesy of Stephen

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Electronic · Pop


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