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Desiire's new single will have you feeling like a "Picasso" [Premiere]

A few months ago, we introduced you to Toronto-based singer Desiire through his single "Motions". Now, Desiire has returned with a new single titled "PICASSO". If you are looking for the perfect song to get you motivated in the morning or at any other moment of your life, look no further.

The Vikaden-produced cut is a slight switch up from the sultry, slower tempo tracks we've heard from Desiire. "PICASSO" is the first in a string of releases for Desiire's SHIFT EP series. On the upbeat, piano and bass heavy single; Desiire sings of feeling like an imperfectly perfect masterpiece. His soulful and effortlessly flowing vocals are like velvet to your ears. He may have a hit on his hand as "PICASSO" is catchy and anthematic.

Look for more from Desiire and his SHIFT EP series.

Main Stage · Premiere · R&B


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