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Introducing DESIIRE and his new single "Motions"

In moving to Toronto last Fall, I was looking most forward to finding new artists and catching some awesome concerts. Before the end of 2016, I was invited to show that would introduce me to an artist that would truly impress me. I had the pleasure of seeing him live again during Canadian Music Week and was blown away again. Meet DESIIRE.

DESIIRE, born in the Congo and based in Toronto, is a bottle of lightning on stage. He impresses by putting his touch on covers of hits from Erykah Badu to The Internet, as well as showcasing his own original work. Today, he is releasing his new single titled "Motions".

"Motions", produced by Paper Tiger and Tyler "The Key of Bloom" Bloomfield, is a soulful cut that features soothing keys and jazz brush-like percussion. DESIIRE sings about a relationship that doesn't seem to be the healthiest for either party involved. DESIIRE's vocals fit the production and drive home the emotions in the song perfectly. There's a brief falsetto section during the second half of the song that will make you want to replay just that part.

Remember the name DESIIRE as you will be hearing a lot more about and from him.

Connect with DESIIRE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

R&B · Soul


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