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C. Burrows shares his journey on "Cormorant"

Folk-man C. Burrows' music is of the earth, literally. His album Angelfish is the product of a trek across the United States, walking the length of the U, from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA in 2016. Along the way, Burrows cataloged his reactions to the landscapes and changing sites in songs and short stories, with "Cormorant," being one of the most chimerical of his offerings.

The earthy timbre of Burrows' voice underscores the scenic beauty of the track. "Cormorant" is a celebration of the gorgeous minutia our busy eyes might otherwise miss. Subtle keys and an easy rhythm privilege his breezy singing and easy guitar playing, rising up from the track like the smoke of a fire. A scrapbook in song, "Cormorant" will leave anyone with a newfound lust for exploration.

Of the track, Burrows shares:

"It was written while walking across the Mojave desert and dreaming of the sea. It marks a moment of playfulness and liberation in my journey on foot across the country. It is mythical, and captures the excitement of discovery and love."

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