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sl1ck experiments with left field sounds on "Same Mind"

Norwegian producer sl1ck's facebook bio doesn't say much besides the fact that the young man is also a drummer who likes crafting experimental electronic music for daydreaming. As weird as it sounds, one click on his soundcloud page immediately puts the all doubts to rest as you are transported into a surreal world masterminded by the young producer.

Sl1ck's newest effort is "Same Mind" which blends experimental electronica and triphop. Built on an ethereal soundscape that kicks off really mellow and progresses into an epic climax of layered synths and thick drums, Sl1ck displays his production chops which is obviously influenced by his drumming proficiency. He makes use of said skill to slow things down at some parts and also raises the ante at other parts of the song. Besides the brilliant soundscape, the vocal manipulation on the song is also noteworthy and do nothing short of enhancing the whole listening pleasure.

"Same Mind" is off his latest EP 'Fresh Drops'


Connect with  sl1ck : Soundcloud | Facebook | TumblrTwitter

Electro · Electronica · Trap


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