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Xavi B* gets "Loud" with an energetic new single

Hailing from Carson, CA, Xavi B* is the "teddy bear of hip-hop." Now based in New Orleans, he runs his own indie label iiiNTELLEKTual Entertainment. Earlier this year, he released his second EP Kold Kase: Bleu Heart as well as a compilation tape on his indie label entitled The Bleu Devil Mixtape. His latest track, "Loud" is driven by a crunch crash cymbal and Xavi's love for weed and kicking back. Xavi's raspy vocals belie his quiet charisma and compliment the lo-fi production. Switching up flows on the second verse, Xavi ups the energy and laces together sharp wordplay with a few romantic bars. Youthful and breezy, "Loud" positions Xavi B* as yet another force in the newest wave to come out of the West coast. 

Connect with Xavi B* Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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