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iaamSaam shows off her "ClosetHustle"

Hailing from Mississauga, iaamSaam the latest indie hip hop artist to make waves in the Toronto music scene. Her talent and dedication to her craft extend beyond the lyrics.  iaamSaam stacks up inflected punchlines and images on "ClosetHustle," the first single off iaamSaam's forthcoming EP iaamGangster.  The single kicks off with some menace, perfect for Halloween, and iaamSaam's sultry and haunting vocals. Her flow is all at once silky and biting, with syllables blending into each other before knocking you out. Between her coiling delivery, she works in a staggering double-time flow to give the track texture. "ClosetHustle" is a knocking and rickety wonder of a song, a great showcase of iaamSaam's unique voice and ability to transcend the indie scene.

This is her first release since putting out her debut EP PsychEval, in which she gave a very raw and uninhibited look into her life. Of her music, she says: "I make music for myself and at the time that I was creating this project, I needed someone to tell me that I was boss enough to overcome every obstacle I was facing as a female in the hip hop industry. iaamGangster is essentially the soundtrack to the grind."

Connect with iaamSaam Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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