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StarRo & BOSCO turn "Fantasy" into a music video, launching IHC 1NFINITY


starRo has just released a music video for his latest track “Fantasy,” which features Fools Gold signee and singer BOSCO. The video was released with the IHC 1NFINITY label, which has a film division specifically for creating music videos for a range of different artists that are within the same universe. What is a music video universe you might ask? The concept is that each music video has an original story, but each of those narratives exists in the same world, and this applies to all music videos made by IHC 1NFINITY. You can find a range of different connecting factors in each of the videos, whether it be the overall aesthetic theme which embraces bright colors and adds an almost 80's feel to the shots, to style of graphic design like the 1-800 "fantasy" pill commercial that kicks off the video.

"Fantasy," taking inspiration from Total Recal, follows the story of Luke who longs for more excitement in life. The N.O.M.A.D.I.C Corporation’s latest product, Fantasy, is his answer— a drug that brings a person’s wildest fantasies to life (but in reality is a portal to get innocent people to do their bidding). After seeing an ad on TV featuring a beautiful woman, he takes the pill and wakes up into a world of sex and crime as a gangster partaking in a shady deal at a strip club. The woman from the ad is there and leads him into a dangerous encounter. All fantasies become a reality but unbeknownst to him he is a pawn in a larger nefarious scheme. What was the purpose? Was it real or fantasy? Was she? The music video is a playful postmodern tale that sparks curiosity about the rest of the 1FINITY world. To see other stories, here are their music videos (in order): Chela “Handful of Gold,” Pictureplane “Hyper Real," Gavin Turek “Don’t Fight It," and Mark Redito “So Many Things To Tell You."


Connect with starRo: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with Bosco: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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