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Carmen Villain shares dreamily eerie "Red Desert" [Video]

Today, Carmen Villain has released the accompanying video for her single "Red Desert", off of her recently released sophomore album Infinite Avenue. This time around, Villain wrote, recorded, and produced everything all on her own. She desired to achieve something different than before and ultimately freeing herself to make discoveries and reach new heights. Directed by Frode Fjerdingstad, the video was inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni's film of the same name.

“To me the movie feels like a perfect visual representation of what it can be like to be anxious and uncomfortable in your head sometimes,” Carmen Villain 

The song itself is a nuanced collection of electronic drums, subtle guitars, and Villain's exceptionally smooth voice. It cruises steadily (except when she sings "Will you take me on/Will you change your mind" and dips to an exquisite lower register) above the currents of the instruments below, and is accompanied by harmonies that bend unexpectedly. She sings of a common struggle: “I’ve got potential but there are demons in me/Ah, it all means nothing.” Her music successfully betrays her process - it sounds entirely her own, and she paints her soundscapes with a touch of perfection. The same quality is evident in this video, which matches the feel of the song through its beautiful montage of both natural and industrial scenes accompanied by characters that are not at ease. There's a cool and detached feeling to all of it, but this only furthers and amplifies the emotions that Villain expresses through her music and words.

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