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Rusty Hook teases upcoming EP with new single "Relief"

Romance is Dead, Good Riddance states the title of Rusty Hook's forthcoming EP and the leadoff single, "Relief" seems to reflect the pre-Romance is Dead sentiment. The France-native and 1/6 of Slow Hours have been shaping and mastering his major solo release for the past year and with the help of Moving Castle, listeners can get a taste of what's to come next month when it drops.

"Relief" is a love letter to those intoxicating feelings of being with your significant other, even if no one else understands. Featured artist duo Truitt hone in on that stars-in-your-eyes dreamy vibe through their vocals and such lyrics as, "I forget about who's around / Eyes drawn to the shape of your mouth". Rusty Hook showcases his love of hip-hop and French electronic music through a blend of trap-focused drum beats and heavy synths. With this track as a teaser for what's to come, his upcoming EP will be one you shouldn't sleep on.

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